Journey from the Village to the City For a Better Life

Pooja Bai wife of Shivnarayan Parmar originally is from Ujaha village, came to Indore for a better life in January 2017. Both Pooja and her husband took a two month tailoring course and started a sewing business with one sewing machine, in just 10 months they bought two more sewing machines to keep with all the orders they were getting. Pooja started stitching blue jeans for a garment company as a subcontractor. I had an opportunity to visit their operation, I am very impressed with their progress in such a short time. At present they are doing Rs 10,000 per month of sewing work. Shivnarayan keeps the accounting books up to date. Pooja and her husband want to expand their business by buying a 4th advanced automatic sewing machine. ShantiSeva has approved a micro-loan of Rs. 35,000 ($580.00) to buy a new machine.

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