Revisiting Papita Bai

This is the story of a women self made with the help of ShantiSeva. Papita Bai lives in Jhadla Village near Shujalpur. She first tried to get a loan from a few local banks to start her home based business, but no bank gave her any loan. Than in 2012, she came to see Ravindra Jain for help. ShantiSeva gave her a loan of Rs 10,000. To start with she sold women related items, such as undergarments, bangles, jewellery and cosmetics. She repaid the loan in time. Since than ShantiSeva has given her four more loans to expand her business. Now she is a very self confident women and proud of her achievements.

Papita Bai in her own words…

Today whatever I am is with the help of ShantiSeva’s interest free loans. When local banks refused to give me a loan, thanks to ShantiSeva for the timely loans.


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