Re-Visit to Tapka Basantpur

Author: Rajneesh Jain

Tapka Basantpur is a village of 700 residents. I had visited the village with Ravi Jain to see the progress after one year, to how Seema Bai was doing. Seema Bai of this village was introduced to ShantiSeva by Papita Bai of Jhadla village. ShantSeva had granted a loan of Rs. 10,000 ($150) last year to to start a grocery shop. When Ravi Jain of ShantiSeva visited her, she was plucking garlic from the fields and she wanted to start her own business. She had bought a refrigerator from loan amount. When news of Ravi Jain’s stay in Shujalpur broke out, some regional TV news channels insisted to visit Tapka Basantpur with Ravi Jain. Seema Bai and her family members were interviewed on camera. Later in the evening, three TV channels ran a four minute story on ShantSeva’s efforts. The news anchor captioned it as “HELP BANK who charges nothing in return”.

Seema Bai has began to repay her loan, she hopes to turn her small shop into a much bigger one.

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