Karens’ India Trip

Dear Friends,

While I was in India this past spring, I visited Kalangarai and was amazed at what a difference our 2017 donations made in the lives of the families of the widowed women who participate in Kalangarai programs. With our two fund-raising appeals in 2017 (Mother’s Day and End-of-the-Year Appeal), Friends of Kalangarai enabled 69 students to attend school. We raised $2,388 (161,235 INR) which provided scholarships ranging from $15 (1000 INR) to $75 (5000 INR).

Ten students received scholarships to attend St. Joseph’s Community College, 3 students received scholarships to nursing school, and 56 students received scholarships to various colleges (vocational diploma, Bachelor’s’ degrees, or Masters of Engineering) and secondary schools (10-12 grades).

Students are starting school in July and need our support. Please consider making a donation to the Friends of Kalangarai to support the children’s education. Your contribution can be sent to the following address:
Friends of Kalangarai
P.O. Box 5366
Louisville, KY 40255

Also, while I was at Kalangarai, I was introduced to a new program that Kalangarai has launched. It is called WISE (Women in Innovative Social Entrepreneurship). These women pool their saving and leased a small farm. They installed an irrigation system and have been able to make a profit. Thay have harvested rice, bajra, and jowar. I think this WISE program can be introduced in ShantiSeva work area.

Warm regards,

Karen Kayser, PhD, MSW
President, Friends of Kalangarai
Friends of Kalangarai is a U.S.A. non-profit that supports the programs of Kalangarai through fund-raising, education, and research. We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

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