Revisit Gourav After Two Years

Author: Rajneesh Jain. Shujalpur, Madhya Pradesh

In the autumn of 2016, ShantiSeva helped Gourav Saxena with a loan of Rs 25,000 ($500) to set up an office center in Shujalpur. Gourav had survived a major brain operation in 2015. Although his family helped him to undergo that fatal and expensive surgery his elder brother, an assistant to a local lawmaker, wanted his brother to live a better and normal life. He met Ravi Jain of ShantiSeva and sought his help to start an office center for his brother.

Now after two years of hard work to promote his business, Gourav is living a good life. He has started an online kiosk from his own house. When I met him at his store he was teaching his three-year-old nephew some rhymes.  He is still single but someday wants to get married and have his own family. He credits Mr. Ravi Jain and ShantiSeva for his financial independence.

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