Housewife Gives Helping Hand to Husband for a Better Life

Kaptan Singh was brought up in a joint family of three brothers in a small village called Ugah. They have an ancestral farm, where all three brothers work on it and earn a small amount of money which is just sufficient for their meager living. In 2010, Kaptan Singh decided to move to a big city like Indore with his wife Aruna Bai for a better life and support his brothers in the village. Kaptan work very hard and established a successful landscaping business. I had visited his house in March 2018 and meet his wife Aruna Bai.

I asked Aruna Bai can you help your husband in increasing their household income while staying at home. She then asked me for ideas. Then I asked if she could stitch clothes for her neighbors and earn extra money that way. Her answer was yes, I can do it! But she said she would need money to buy a sewing machine and get some basic training. ShantiSeva gave her a micro loan of Rs. 20,000 ($300) to buy a sewing machine and start her home business in July 2018. Aruna Bai is doing a very good business of stitching garments for other people. Her income has increased from nothing to over Rs. 3000 ($50) per month in just three months.

Aruna Bai In her own words:

I will double my business to Rs. 6000 ($100) per month in next six months


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