The Journey of Dariyav Singh

I had a phone interview with Dariyav Singh of Kishoni on August 21, 2019 about his seven-year journey with ShantiSeva’s help. When I called him, he was very happy and full of energy and his life is very comfortable. Dariyav Singh run a small Kirana (grocery) shop. He told me that he has gotten three more loans, one in May 2015 for an amount of Rs. 10,000 ($160), a second loan on July 2016 for Rs. 10,000 ($160) and a third loan on January 2018 for Rs. 10,000 ($160). He has paid all the loans promptly in time. His sales have tripled from Rs. 10,000 per month to Rs. 30,000 per month. I asked if he needed more money, he says “first I will pay this loan than I will ask for another loan.”

Charity begins at home

Charity begins at home…this saying got an example in form of Mr. Dharmendra Rathod , energetic young man in late thirty, secretary to village administration. He began to work with ShantiSeva in year 2010. His job was to search and sort out people who were in dire need of help, and he did this task very well.

ShantiSeva & WaterStep USA has presented M-100 water Chlorinator to the village of Kishoni. Mr. Dharmendra Rathod has accepted the M-100 for Kishoni. He also thanks WaterStep for the kind donation of M-100.

When ShantiSeva and WaterStep USA decided to install a water chlorinator plant in Kishoni village, he came forward, as this water treatment plant was expensive and needed day to day care. Dharmendra offered his new built house to be used for installing and distribution of pure water to whole village free of charge.

On April 15 Mr. Ravi Jain and I visited Kishoni to oversee the installation process. Plant became operational next day. Beside micro finance, water purification plant is another initiative of ShantiSeva in serving and changing the rural life of India.

Now Kishoni has become first village surrounding shujalpur to get pure and clean drinking water at no cost. ShantiSeva and WaterStep USA will do more water project in the future.

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Story about Chetan

I had seen Chetan selling peanuts, candy and other eatables on the train between Shujalpur to Bhopal, but never realized his ambitions. A polio victim since the age of five, he cannot stand on his feet. But this obstacle did not deter him from his will to live a respectful life. On some days he travels twice between these two cities to earn his livelihood. This is a practice normally seen on Indian railways.

Finally, I met Chetan and his family in their home. He and his family live in Kishoni, a village 3 km away from Shujalpur. He lives there with his wife, Rekha, who also suffered from polio, but their three year old son Maruti is a cute and healthy baby.

In February, 2014 ShantiSeva granted Chetan a loan of Rs. 15,000 to help him expand his business, which he has done quite successfully.

The monsoon rains have caused business activities to slow down in rural India. Chetan’s business too has suffered, but he is resolute to fight poverty. Although he has no strong leg, he wants to stand on his own feet.

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A tale of two villages in need of safe drinking water

Working in the villages of central India I have seen first-hand the effects of unsafe drinking water. Sickness and death from waterborne diseases is common there. Children and adults stricken with diarrhea caused by e.coli, choloera and dysentery miss school, work and daily activities needed to survive.

That is why I have, for the last three years, volunteered with WaterStep, a non-profit that provides training and products related to water purification, and health / hygiene education. As a volunteer I help assemble and test their M-100 water chlorine generation, which is used in water purification systems.

Naturally, Shanti Seva and WaterStep have discussed the need for safe drinking water in rural Indian villages and decided to form a partnership. Together, we identified two villages in India for a safe drinking water filtration system – Kisoni and Magraniya.

Both villages are already preparing for the safe water systems to ensure they are of maximum benefits for the community. Here is what they have done so far.

1) Both villages completed an initial survey and community assessment for WaterStep.
2) WaterStep accepted the survey and approved the two projects.
3) WaterStep will supply two M-100 water chlorine generators and related material

Shanti Seva is now planning to help WaterStep install the water systems in Kisoni and Magraniya. And, once intalled, ShantiSeve will help ensure they are continuously used and that the safe drinking water is distributed to the people in the village. Watch our blog for updates on these important projects.

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Rani Bai is stitching her future

One more village, one more success story. I visited Rani Bai a young high school girl in Kishoni village. Her high school is about 8 kilometers away from home. She is a good student with natural artistic talent. She goes to school by bicycle every day which is a 16 kilometers round trip, rain or shine. ShantiSeva has given a micro loan of Rs. 3,500 ($70) in November 2012 to buy a sewing machine. She is paying her loan on a regular basic. She plans to repay the loan in the next two months. She is a very good student and focuses on her studies. After school she stitches clothes, hanging macramé and making handicrafts to sell locally, when she is not studying. I asked her what you she would like to do after high school. Her dream is to go to college and earn a BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree. She is planning to buy a monogram making machine which cost approximately Rs. 12,000 ($200) with the help of ShantiSeva. This machine will increased her sales and help with her college education. I hope she will successfully stitch her future.

The first blog post about Rani Bai.

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Update on Shodra Bai

Shodra Bai is doing very well in her business of providing disposal plates & cups which is generating good profits. She had paid her loan of Rs. 5,000 on November 2013 four months before the due date. Since she had paid loan in time, ShantiSeva has not charged her any interest on the loan. She was very happy to hear this good news, now she wants to expand her business and has asked ShantiSeva for a new loan. ShantiSeva has granted her a new loan of Rs. 10,000 in November 2013 to expand her business.

Our original blog post on Shodra Bai.

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Rani Bai

Loan Amount: Rs. 3,000 (USD $70)

Purpose:  Sewing Machine

Rani currently studying for her Bachelor of Science degree. She likes to earn money in her spare time to supplement her college expense. She approached Shanti Seva Trust for a loan of  Rs. 3,500 ($70) to buy a sewing machine. Shanti Seva Trust issued a micro-loan on November 16, 2012.

Shodra Bai

Loan Amount: Rs. 5,000 (USD $100)

Purpose:  Disposable Plates & Cup

Shodra Bai works as cook in a government sponsored school lunch program. To supplement her income SST awarded her a micro loan of Rs. 5,000 (USD $100) to start a disposable plate & cup business in March 2012. She purchased the products from the city and sells them in the village. She now earns about $20 extra per month.  I visited her on November 17, 2102 and she is very happy to have received the loan.

The loan from Shanti Seva Trust helped me increase my monthly income.  I can not thank SST enough.

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