Pooja Bai Back to Village From Indore

Pooja did not like the big city life. She is used to the open space of her large house and not so much of the busy city life. She did not want to bring up her children in the city environment. She decided to move back to her village Padana near Shujalpur. I have visited her new location in Dec 2018. Her new location is much bigger to accommodate eight sewing machines. The couple is working very hard to grow their business. Pooja Bai has bought four more sewing machines and employing four local women to grow her business. She had paid her loan in a short six-month time. I was very impressed with her progress. She has increased her income from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000 per month in a very short one-year timeframe. She is thinking to buy a van to deliver readymade jeans and to get raw materials from Indore.